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Our Story

Founded in 2022, Vanij Global has an expertise in working with major brands, developing great products and making them available in multiple channels. We are a new age merchandising company partnering with brands that people love, and making unique products manufactured in the USA.


Meet the Team

Aditya Rathod | CEO

Adi is an engineer-turned-entrepreneur with a passion for finance and operations. He was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug after meeting Josh at Thrasio and now he's on a mission to make his grand vision for Vanij a reality - a legacy for his kids to be proud of. When he's not busy building the next big thing, Adi can be found enjoying Thursday nights with his friends over beers and pool, holding hands with his wife, and snuggling up with his daughters to read books.

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Andy Rathod | Board Advisor

Andy is a globetrotting go-to-market guru! With roots across three different continents, he's a true citizen of the world. But wherever he goes, he always knows how to bring out the best in organizations. He's got a magic touch when it comes to incubating new lines of business and revving up growth. And when the work day is done, you'll find Andy at home with his family, playing some classic board games and enjoying a re-runs of "Friends."

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